Kids’ Day at FERMAT

September 6, 2017  

Jumping castle

On the final Saturday of August 2017, FERMAT held its first annual Kids’ Day, a fun-filled extravaganza for little tykes and adults alike.  Various contests and attractions were organized: two jumping castles, a fishing contest (not real fish), knocking down a stack of colorful cans with a well-aimed fastball, and sand painting.  All were a great success, especially the jumping castles… you can’t go wrong with jumping castles!  Over 90 visitors arrived to enjoy the festivities and partake in the entertainment, with the turnout of adults to kids almost 50/50.  (FERMAT employees like to play.)

Considering the range of ages and how to motivate the participants properly, we created contests to fit the different age groups—with appropriate prizes for each.  And, being softies, we didn’t anyone to lose out entirely if they gave it their best college try.  So, we also provided parting gifts for all the runner-ups and honorable mentions, such as certificates, sweets and candies.

Another jumping castle Simpsons style

Within the framework of Kids’ Day 2017, FERMAT employees organized tours of the halls, where not only kids, but also well-behaved adults, could see how FERMAT machines are built, from beginning to end.

We are very pleased with the high turnout and hope that even more children, and adults, will come to have a great time at FERMAT Kids’ Day 2018.  See you there!

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