Lights, Camera, Action! Another thriller shot in Lipnik nad Becvou, starring FERMAT’s WFT 11 with two CNC rotary tables!

March 14, 2018  

Last week, FERMAT’s rough-n-ready film crew descended upon the quaint, picturesque town of Lipnik nad Becvou, a beautiful abode of metalwork and manufacturing, nestled below Helfstyn castle and straddling the main rail line from Prague to Ostrava.  This Central Moravian municipality blends centuries of culture and commerce in a friendly, small-town atmosphere where even the murals at the train station are light-hearted fun.

In FERMAT’s factory, the star of the show is its newest, brightest model of WFT 11 table-type horizontal boring mill with two CNC rotary tables.  Combining FERMAT’s powerful and precise machining with two tables maximizes manufacturing possibilities, keeps production humming, and eliminates useless downtime.  While one workpiece is being machined inside the protective walls (which shield workers from the sharp metal chips), another workpiece can be set and fixed; ready to go.  Once the door opens and it gets the green light, the table with affixed workpiece promptly steps into the firing line; while the freshly-machined workpiece saunters out the other door.

Rack-and-pinion system; 2 motors on the undercarriage of each table

The two 1.2-meter x 1.4-meter rotary tables are operated independently, so you can fully utilize the B axis on one table while the other remains completely stationary, allowing you to remove the finished workpiece and set a new one, safely and easily.  FERMAT’s designers attached 2 motors (one on each side of the undercarriage of each of the tables) to drive each rotary table along the extremely precise, meticulously built rack-and-pinion route. To guarantee the tables never crash into each other, the bed is designed for space to separate the two; they never meet.  Machining made easy.

Machine parameters

This fancy, handsome and well-built WFT 11, a smaller version of FERMAT’s WFT 13, sports a spindle diameter of 110 mm, spindle travel of 730 mm, an X axis of 2 meters, Y axis of 2 meters, and Z axis of 1.25 meters.  For quick and smooth tool exchange at the snap of your fingers, it’s outfitted with an ever-ready 40-tool ATC.

The video is in post-production and should be out soon.  Get your popcorn ready, keep your eyes peeled.

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