Lights, Camera, Action!

February 7, 2017  
A view in the mirror of WFC 10 HS CNC

FERMAT’s costume, makeup and production design department as represented on-set during its latest video shoot in Celakovice, 25 January 2017. The star of the show, WFC 10 High-Speed CNC, admiring itself in the mirror.

The romantic world of modern machine tools and metalworking has been brought to life, yet again, in all its wonderful Technicolor beauty for your viewing enjoyment.   The star of the show, FERMAT’s sturdy crosswise table-type horizontal milling machine, WFC 10 High-Speed CNC, goes through its warm-ups, testing its high-speed spindle, rotary table, and exceptional rapid traverse, before settling in for a metal-cutting lifetime of powerful and precise milling at its new home at RUPET formy a modely s.r.o., Celakovice, Czech Republic.

This new high-speed horizontal milling machine, a variation of FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC, custom-built for powerful, high-speed milling across a wide surface area utilizing its impressive rapid traverse.  It lacks a standard boring spindle, but in return it has an additional motor and all the tidbits that give it lots of speed and power.  That, coupled with its rapid traverse, superbly rigid construction and solid design, FERMAT’s WFC 10 High-Speed CNC beats the output of many horizontal machining centers at a fraction of the price.

FERMAT’s WFC 10 HS CNC can mill iron and steel, but at 5,500 rotations per minute and 41 Kw of nominal power, it is also perfect for milling across surfaces of soft metals, such as aluminum and copper, quickly and with extreme precision.  Utilizing a rapid traverse of 30,000 mm/min on both the X and Z axes, and 20,000 mm/min on the Y axis, WFC 10 HS CNC can mill large areas of metal, creating forms and molds used in the automotive, rubber making, and chemical industries.

FERMAT of the Opera in Technicolor in 1925_The film was one of the earliest uses of the process on interior sets, and demonstrated its versatility.

A segment in Technicolor from the award-winning Hollywood production FERMAT of the Opera (1925). The film was one of the earliest uses of the process on interior sets, and demonstrated its versatility. Following its huge success, this new technology was adopted for all of FERMAT’s future films and videos. Although older, and not as handsome as he used to be, and lacking a certain earlier flair, this actor still shoots videos for FERMAT to this day.

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