Living High on the Hog: EU Funds Fuel a Feeding Frenzy in Bulgaria as Manufacturers Hunger for Machine Tools

March 10, 2016  

In a show of Slavic solidarity, Mr. Russel Karimov, FERMAT’s Sales Manager for Bulgaria, who hails from the industrial town of Sterlitamak, the second largest city in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, a machine-tool Mecca in Soviet times, visited FERMAT’s leading dealer in Sofia, the company Polymeta C, to map out strategies how best to help local manufacturers spend EU money.

The Largo, Sofia, Bulgaria. Example of Socialist Classicism in Architecture

The Largo; Sofia, Bulgaria. An Impressive Example of Socialist Classicism built during Stalinism, imbued with Soviet affection, awash with EU funds

Bulgaria has been the lucky winner of an EU sweepstakes allotting a package of economic subsidies, grants from € 25,000 to € 500,000 to small and medium-sized enterprises purchasing “new machinery and equipment related to the commercialization of innovative products, processes or services,” among other activities.    FERMAT’s top-of-the-line, table-type CNC horizontal boring machines will fit comfortably within this budget, and depending on the model, you could even slap on a whole range of accessories—and Brussels will pick up the tab.  Nice deal!

After calling upon a customer in Pernik, Bulgaria, ASL Machgroup, which utilizes FERMAT’s most popular table-type CNC horizontal boring machine with a ram stroke of 700 mm, WFT 13 R CNC, in its factory producing machinery and equipment, spare parts, as well as turn-key metalworking and machining projects ready for installation or assembly, Mr. Karimov visited two potential customers who have approached Polymeta C with enquiries about FERMAT’s machine tools and accessories.  Several ideas were presented offering the right solution in CNC horizontal boring machines, rotary tables, universal micro indexing automatic milling heads and other accessories such as automatic tool changers, for different scenarios and production requirements.  They were impressed by the offers and especially keen to take advantage of the EU grants, finding FERMAT’s machine tools to be the ideal investment.

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