LUCAS service technician, Brian Soldat, training in the Czech Republic

April 11, 2018  

Interview with Brian Soldat

After its acquisition in 2015, LUCAS became the US subsidiary of FERMAT.  It represents the company and sells its wide range of machine tool and accessories under the brand LUCAS.  It also manufactures small parts and provides maintenance and customer service. LUCAS supplies all regions in the US from its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.  Communication, certification, and service are guaranteed and provided by LUCAS with the backing and support of FERMAT.

To facilitate the strength and growth of its service department, FERMAT recently invited Mr. Brian Soldat, a LUCAS service technician, to the Czech Republic to receive important hands-on training on the new machines directly at the manufacturing and assembly halls in Brno.  While he was here, he was kind enough to agree to an interview (important points from which, along with extracts, are shown below).

Mr. Soldat has been employed for LUCAS for 24 years.  Overall, he has racked up 30 years of experience in the field of machining and metalwork, starting his first job at a small machine shop at the age of 16.

He spent a majority of his time working on arm drills and multiple spindle drills; but, for the past 7 years, Mr. Soldat has been installing FERMAT machines, servicing them when needed, and working on jobs on the factory floor in Cleveland.

Now for some questions and answers from his interview

Brian Soldat, service technician at LUCAS Precision

Do you travel to the same regions on service calls or work, training?

Typically, I am just in the US; but, when needed I come here to the Czech Republic. This is my fourth visit here.  One visit was for one week, one for two weeks, and 2 other visits (including this one) are for a month. I’ve been to Brno, Prague, and Lipník. Typically, when I’m in Prague or Lipník, it’s just for one day.

Do you think these visits have helped you with your work at LUCAS?

Yes, I’ve developed many friendships with the guys that come to the US, and you know, I have many old friends here, having worked with FERMAT for 7 years.  This time, I’ve made new friends working here on factory floor.

How was it here this month?

It was really nice. The guys on the factory floor are very easy to work with.  There was no problem.

How about the language? Was it hard for you to understand each other?

Not really, because I know the machines. Thanks to that, with some very simple words (sometimes Google Translate when it’s really needed) and hand signals, and just knowing the machines.  You know what tool’s needed; you know what job needs to be done first, you know the structure of how things are supposed to be.  So, it’s really easy. Many times, it is just ‘show me what to do, point at something’ and I already know what to do.

Do you have a favorite pub here in Brno?

I haven’t found a bad one! There’ve been many that we’ve visited. Typically, I like going to the Starobrno because I like the pivo. In all the different places, I usually have gulas or something of this nature, because it is my favorite.

What is the best experience you’ve had inthe Czech Republic? Something you will never forget?

It’s probably the good friends I have here. Like I said, there are many old friends and many new ones. And, it’s easy to come to work because you like working with the people; it’s very nice. There were many days I stayed late and I didn’t mind because of the people I was staying with. That’s probably one of the most positive things…especially if you are staying a month.

Is there something you’d like to say at the end of your stay here?

I just hope that there’s another trip sometime in the future. I enjoyed it myself. There were some things they taught me that are much easier ways of doing things—because they’re doing the same job every day. When I do that particular job once every 6 months, or once every 3 months, sometimes I’m doing it the hard way.  They showed me the easy way.  So, this helps get the job done quicker and better, cutting a two-day job down to just one.  And, this is very nice.

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