Making a Smooth Ride: Manufacturing the Parts of the Suspension System Relies on Machine Tools of Great Power and Precision

December 21, 2015  

Imagine you are driving a heavy vehicle used in mining or construction.  It’s not an easy task; it’s often difficult, stressful and dangerous.   And, when your vehicle has poor wheel suspension, getting the job done can be almost impossible.  It’s hard to keep your truck on the road as you’re tossed about, hitting all the bumps, getting knocked off track.  You and the material you’re hauling are about to fall out.  That’s why it is vital for manufacturers of giant vehicles driven in tough conditions to assemble rugged wheel suspension systems that can withstand the punishment.

FERMAT's Machine Tools Keep the Profits Rolling In

FERMAT’s Machine Tools Keep the Profits Rolling In


One of FERMAT’s customers, a manufacturer of hauling and earthmoving equipment, BELAZ, uses FERMAT’s best-selling workhorse, the CNC horizontal boring mill with rotary table and ram travel of 900 mm, WFT 13 R, in machining parts for its vehicles’ suspension systems.  The complicated process of milling the individual components involves side and face milling, drilling, circular interpolation, and countersinking.

A video demonstrating side and face milling, cutting internal grooves and deftly slicing off the end of the workpiece, can be seen here

Thanks to their power and precision, FERMAT’s machine tools play an integral role in the vehicle production.  They provide the capital and create the rolling giants that carry our economy forward.

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