Meet Camden Gulden

August 29, 2018  

FERMAT LUCAS_Camden Gulden and Jan Ferenc_cylindrical grinder

Mr. Camden Gulden, an amiable American who hails from the “Pine Tree State” (Maine), has taken over the role of Key Account Manager for LUCAS, liaising with dealers throughout the US market.

A gentleman and a scholar… and an athlete

Camden Gulden_Lincoln Academy

Mr. Gulden effuses a polite, congenial manner buoyed by a quiet confidence.  Having racked up a string of academic and athletic successes before trying his hand at living abroad (he graduated with honors from Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Maine, where he excelled as its star swimmer), it’s little wonder he doesn’t appear daunted by the obstacles of living abroad, adapting to a foreign culture, and learning its vowel-eschewing West Slavic language.

Academia and the real world

VSE Prague Czech Republic

Continuing his scholarly pursuits, Mr. Gulden is earning his bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.  With one foot in the lecture hall and one on the factory floor at FERMAT, Mr. Gulden’s gaining valuable, real-life experience in the true application of economics, labor and capital, production and profits, as opposed to just memorizing dull, mind-altering equations.  Thus, he doesn’t have to wander aimlessly in the desert of dry conjecture and specious theories of “the dismal science,” as Thomas Carlyle so aptly put it, but instead, apply his first-hand knowledge to pass tests, write theses, and win a sheepskin to hang on the wall.

A look around

Mr. Jan Ferenc, FERMAT’s director of sales, recently gave Mr. Gulden a personal tour of FERMAT’s Prague factory, explaining the components that go into FERMAT’s machines tools, and the various stages of production.  From annealing, to rough machining to fine finishing work, he was led through each step, so as to have a better understanding of FERMAT’s products when communicating with dealers and potential customers.

FERMAT LUCAS_Director of Sales Jan Ferenc teaching Camden Gulden on the factory floor

On track to success

FERMAT LUCAS_Camden Gulden and Jan Ferenc_on the factory floor

Armed with excellent insight on how the basic components of FERMAT’s machine tools are created, and supported by routine instruction and training on FERMAT’s line of products, Mr. Gulden’s on track for fine achievements as Key Account Manager at LUCAS.

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