Milling with a new design that’s Not Boring

May 25, 2016  

Go ahead, mull it over.  If you require a lot of milling of lightweight structures or very fine, detailed surface work from many angles on heavy material, but you don’t need a spindle extension to machine in tight, narrow spots—and you certainly don’t need to bore—why not grab the new FERMAT headstock made especially for milling masters like you?  The new, uniquely-designed headstock created to mill with ferocity leaves the rather dull task of boring to others, and costs less than a headstock built for both.

In FERMAT’s super-secret workshop tucked away in the Moravian wilderness, imaginative craftsmen ripped out the boring spindle and its nifty extension system and replaced it with a sturdy, no-nonsense motor (53 kW, water-cooled), a two-speed planetary gearbox, and a slick mechanism for transferring the energy of 71 horses galloping to any variety of milling head you wish to attach.   An excellent choice with a stellar reputation for machining from all angles is FERMAT’s in-house stepless universal automatic milling head.  When combined with the ram stroke provided on FERMAT’s top-selling Horizontal WRF Mill CNC (enabling you to reach 1,550 mm towards the center of the workpiece) and FERMAT’s extremely precise CNC rotary table, you can mill your workpiece from all sides, inside and out.

FERMAT's New Headstock Maximizing Milling Potential

FERMAT’s New Headstock Maximizing Milling Potential

Whether it’s table-type or floor-type, FERMAT has the right CNC horizontal milling machine for you.

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