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August 14, 2018  

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer horizontal boring mill new CNC 5 axis continuous milling machine FGU with Servo drive universal automatic milling head

FERMAT’s new 5-axis horizontal milling machine utilizes FERMAT’s own servo-drive universal automatic milling head (UHAmi SDHS) that rotates ± 180° on 2 axes (A and C), driven by a total of 4 servomotors with pinions, 2 on each rotary axis, master-slave, that eliminates backlash. It has a speed of 5,000 rpm, thanks to 12 bearings on the drive mechanism and an advanced form of lubrication.  With the 4 servomotors, both A and C axes can be moved simultaneously, allowing uninterrupted, continuous milling using all 5 machine axes at the same time. When the A and/or C axes are not rotating, they are firmly locked in place by hydraulic brakes.

FERMAT 5 axis continuous milling machine Servo drive universal automatic milling head

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer CNC 5 axis continuous milling Servo drive universal automatic milling head

The machine’s headstock is built inside a double column on 4 linear guideways. In the place of the boring spindle is a drive shaft transferring power from the 53 kW, water-cooled motor all the way down to the milling head.

Click on this link to watch the video.

All main components, such as the headstock, column, beds, tables, and milling head are designed and manufactured by FERMAT.

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