Now out on FERMAT & LUCAS Channel: FERMAT’s automatic milling heads—How they’re made

January 15, 2019  

Last month, FERMAT’s footloose and fancy-free film crew travelled to the core of modern machine tool manufacturing, to the cavernous works of FERMAT’s main facilities in Brno, Czech Republic, to document the many intricate parts and procedures required to make the very best automatic milling heads on the market.

How to build CNC automatic milling head_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer

How to build CNC automatic milling head_horizontal boring mills_milling, machining_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer

The video shows how FERMAT automatic milling heads are built, from the basic components and measurement tests to final assembly and vetting.  Brief descriptions of the operations accompany the various stages, from start to finish.

Click on the link below to see the video.

Accuracy is paramount

All the parts going into the FERMAT automatic milling heads are sent to a measuring room where Argus-eyed technicians peer at the parameters of the components, verifying they meet all the stringent guidelines in accuracy.

How to make an automatic milling head, measuring room_FERMAT

Another set of measurements is performed on the spindle, spinning it and making sure it’s perfectly balanced, and vibrations are at an absolute minimum.

Final assembly and test run

All the components are assembled by hand, crafted to fit excellently for smooth, powerful and precise milling.  Attention is given to every detail.

How to build CNC automatic milling head_horizontal boring mills_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer

Once assembled, the automatic milling head’s tested one more time on a horizontal boring mill to make sure it’s running without a hitch, absolutely flawlessly.  Afterwards, it’s packaged and shipped to the customer.

A job well done

FERMAT’s spirited film crew enjoyed the shoot and is looking forward to the next chapter in modern machine tool technology, captured in full Technicolor for the silver screen.

Patrik Uhlir_photographer_filmmaker_Automatic Milling Head Shoot_FERMAT Machine Tool Manufacturer

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