Odense, Denmark, 28 February to 03 March 2017, Machine Tools of Tomorrow, on show Today! With special guest Ladislav Valdman as Hans Christian Andersen

February 27, 2017  

VMT 2017 Denamrk Machine Tool Exhibition starring Ladislav Valdman as Hans Christian Andersen.

When you read your kids a story, tucking them in bed, spare a thought during this peaceful time of quiet rest for the many creative geniuses who constructed such wonderful worlds of fantasy, such splendid spinners of fairy tales.  Foremost among them is Hans Christian Andersen, who would, undoubtedly, take immense pleasure in knowing his hometown, Odense, Denmark, is hosting a fabulous trade show exhibiting the machine tools of tomorrow, today.

Yes, this time-travelling claim does lead one to wonder, how is this possible?  But, in Denmark, such questions are trivialities.  From Beowulf to broadsheets on modern manufacturing, poetic play is sprinkled throughout, making it the ideal location for FERMAT’s softly-sensitive bibliophilic Sales Manager for Denmark, Mr. Ladislav Valdman, to pay a visit to stand C 3828 with his own work of art, FERMAT’s steel-chewing WFT 11 CNC.    It also helps that Mr. Valdman is a dead ringer, an absolute lookalike of Odense’s most prolific author, Hans Christian Andersen.

A portrait of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen contemplating his machine tool fairytale personifying two horizontal boring mills named FER and MAT

FERMAT’s Sales Manager for Denmark, Mr. Ladislav Valdman (pictured above), is the spitting image of Odense’s favorite son, Hans Christian Andersen. This uncanny resemblance led to autographs and invitations to lecture on the subject of children’s stories, which he craftily and nimbly turned into light-hearted symposiums on animated horizontal boring mills, resulting in many profitable sales.

VTM 2017 Website

As advertised on its website, the VTM 2017 trade show (running from February 28th to March 3rd, 2017) affords all attendees “direct contact to the Danish iron industry”… and the opportunity to hobnob with “key purchasers and decision makers.”  As a principal manufacturer of the tools of tomorrow, FERMAT will have on display at stand C 3828 its perfectly designed and masterfully built table-type horizontal boring mill with a spindle diameter of 110 mm and absolutely precise CNC rotary table.  Mr. Valdman, tapping into his audience-captivating Hans Christian Andersen skills, will relate in an entertaining and informative fashion the many advantages of one of the most powerful and precise small-to-medium size CNC horizontal boring mills on the market.


FERMAT's table-type horizontal boring mill WFT 11 CNC with spindle diameter of 110 mm

FERMAT’s horizontal boring mill WFT 11 CNC is the lighter version of FERMAT’s best-selling model WFT 13 CNC. The small but brawny WFT 11 CNC has a solid backbone, a Y axis ball screw (63 mm diameter) and a rigid column fashioned from grey cast iron, and a powerful spindle (110 mm diameter) guaranteeing excellent, high-quality machining. Ensuring its accuracy are Heidenhain linear scales and equipment for monitoring and stabilizing operating temperature. In addition, two servo motors prevent any backlash when turning the machine’s CNC rotary table.  FERMAT’s WFT 11 CNC easily mills, machines, and shapes iron and steel without a problem, turning a workpiece into a masterpiece.

A video of unique boring and turning techniques in milling duplex stainless steel using FERMAT’s table-type CNC horizontal boring machine WFT 11 CNC and a Komet facing head can be seen here:

So, while you’re visiting the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen, please do drop by the VTM 2017 trade show and ask his look-alike about FERMAT and its fantastic line of table-type and floor-type CNC horizontal boring mills.

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