Off to Luxembourg to visit the Dynamic Duo!

April 22, 2016  

Well, not quite.  Actually, it’s Luxemburg, Wisconsin.

Luxemburg, Wisconsin

And, the Duo is one of FERMAT’s incredible creations, a double-headed monster, a gigantic floor type CNC horizontal boring machine, the WRF 160 DUO CNC.  It’s two columns (Y axes surging 5 meters high), each wielding a powerful headstock, machine with ferocity, independently, on one X axis bed 27 meters long, equipped with floor plates and CNC rotary tables securing gargantuan workpieces.

Holy Smokes! It's FERMAT's WRF 160 DUO CNC... in Luxemburg, Wisconsin

For maximum stability, FERMAT enclosed the headstock within the column frame, allowing the DUO to tear away at immense workpieces without being knocked aside. Each spindle diameter is 160 mm of raw fury; and, with a combined ram + spindle travel of 2.5 meters, it rips deep into the center of heavy iron or steel.  It angrily feasts upon the workpiece, clawing and cutting with tremendous energy.  It is extreme, powerful and precise.  Especially, when it’s fitted with FERMAT’s own, in-house universal micro indexing automatic milling head (UHAmi30).

A video of FERMAT’s WRF 160 DUO CNC stretching and going through its morning exercises with its spindle and ram, and rotary table can be seen here:

Jan Ferenc, FERMAT’s Director of Sales, was in the community of Luxemburg, WI, calling upon a successful, hardworking customer, D&S Machine Service, which has increased its manufacturing capabilities through investing in FERMAT’s WRF 160 DUO CNC.  Thanks to the DUO’s ability to perform a myriad of machining techniques requiring herculean strength executed at a level of precision measured in microns, D&S Machine Service offers world-class machining services for all types of customers, large and small.

D&S Machine Service Inc., Logo with photograph of WRF 160 DUO CNC

D&S Machine Service is a women-owned, family-operated fabrication and machine shop deeply committed to the quality of its products and services, to the utmost satisfaction of its customers. It has earned a nationwide reputation as a top-notch custom manufacturer of machine parts and component assemblies.  Utilizing its machinists’ collective knowledge base of over one hundred years in machining, fabrication and engineering, D&S Machine Service provides expert service, quickly, efficiently, and at an excellent price, on all customer orders.

D&S Machine Service goes the extra mile to give exceptional customer service through its computerized tracking system, value-analysis engineering, complete turn-key fabrication and assembly, quality inspection, and in-house shipping service.  The company’s goal is to exceed its customers’ expectations.  It is a machine shop, but service is its business.  Quality, service and pride in workmanship are hallmarks at D&S Machine Service.  D&S Machine Service, Inc., 412 Fourth St., Luxemburg, WI, USA 54217. E-mail: (source: D&S Machine Service,

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