On the move, FERMAT’s sales team cruises through European cultural hubs and industrial zones

November 1, 2017  
Milan cathedral_Piazza del Duomo_ St Mary of the Nativity_Lombardy Italy_FERMAT logo_machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mills

“Milan Cathedral,” by Kevin Poh, licensed under CC BY 2.0/FERMAT logo added

Last week, members of FERMAT’s adventurous sales team split ways, flying north and south to visit manufacturing hubs in the Baltics and Mediterranean.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mill_aircraft port side engine_sunrise over clouds

Ms. Alena Jecmikova, FERMAT’s sales manager for Italy, and Mr. Jan Ferenc, FERMAT’s director of sales, took an early-morning flight to Milan and spent the day travelling through Lombardy visiting 4 potential customers interested in both FERMAT’s powerful and precise table-type and floor-type horizontal boring mills.

While in the area, Ms. Jecmikova and Mr. Ferenc also paid a visit to FERMAT’s current customers to touch base with them and make sure everything is running smoothly with their machine tools and accessories.

Apart from the marvelous factories and industrial zones, Lombardy does hold other attractions for our travelling tag-team: ever present culture and history, fine arts, and culinary delights for which Italy is well renown.  And as to the last point, Mr. Ferenc was duly impressed, even with their sandwiches: “They have two types of ham, both delicious.  One is a dry, salty prosciutto crudo, and the other’s a soft, juicy prosciutto pragese.”  So, even a quick bite in between sightseeing and visiting current and potential customers was a pleasure.

Master Butcher and Salesman in Florence_by Frank Kovalchek_licensed under CC BY 20

“Master Butcher and Salesman in Florence,” by Frank Kovalchek_licensed under CC BY 2.0

In rounding out his description of his quick day trip to sunny Italy, Mr. Ferenc notes:

There is a good flight connection between Prague and Milan.  You can make it there early in the morning; it’s ideal for business.  And with the manufacturing scene looking up in Italy, with all the interest we’ve had in our machines, I’m sure I’ll be back there soon.  Plus, they have wonderful ham.

Trekking north

At the same time our sales duo were crisscrossing Lombardy, FERMAT also sent one of its  knights-errant, Ms. Zdena Hoblova, FERMAT’s sales manager for the Baltics, to Estonia, a country where internet access (wi-fi) is a basic human right, and where the population of women far, far outnumber men.  Maybe that’s why the rather odd sport of wife carrying, naisekandmine, is so popular.

Estonia_Tallinn_Baltics_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer horizontal boring mills cylindrical grinders_milling_machining_metalwork

Four wild animals, and a bear.

Ms. Hoblova visited several customers in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, in a raging snow storm with the average daytime temperature reaching -3°C.  What it lacked in balmy weather, the country more than made up for in warm hospitality, camaraderie, and fine dining.  Ms. Hoblova described her working vacation as “a great get-away; nice, relaxing, and I loved the food, especially the wild game… they love hunting up there.”

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