On the Party List; FERMAT’s an official KUKA Robotics System Partner

July 27, 2016  

Thanks to its close cooperation over the years with KUKA Roboter Gmbh (one of the largest producers of industrial robots worldwide), FERMAT has been invited to become an official KUKA Robotics System Partner with all the privileges and benefits pertaining thereto.  As KUKA explains, there are many perks to be enjoyed:

KUKA exclusively provides you with information on products and industries, as well as pictures and graphics and keeps you informed about events and market statistics. We support your sales and trade fair activities and offer useful presentations for download and attractive brochures which can be ordered online. Moreover, this Portal provides its members with non-public information on KUKA products, and the latest developments and technologies of the KUKA Robot Group. (Source: https://www.kuka-robotics-partner.com/kuka_sp/viewPage.php?ID=SystemPartnerMenu)

The cost savings and technological advantages membership brings FERMAT are passed on to its customers. An example is FERMAT’s powerful and precise table-type horizontal boring mill WFT 13 CNC, which among its accessories is an optional robotic tool changer guaranteeing fast and efficient tool replacement with an absolute minimum slowdown in production.

KUKA Robotic System Partner Portal

The profits from membership are not a one-way street.  KUKA also gains in the deal; an even closer relationship with FERMAT contributes to its own knowledge base and helps build its expertise in the actual use and functionality of its robots on the factory floor.  As FERMAT’s PLC programmer, Petr Horky, puts it, “KUKA will be privy to the information we gain as a manufacturer who’s always in tune with customer demands, thereby helping it expand the functions of its software and tweak them appropriately.”

A video of Petr Horky getting thrashed about on a KUKA robot, learning first-hand what it’s like to be put through the same moves he programs for his cutting tools, can be seen here.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, only 10 firms have gained the status of a KUKA Robotics System Partner, and FERMAT is the only CNC machine tool manufacturer among them.  We are very proud of this achievement.

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