Open House at the Technical Secondary School in Prerov

October 25, 2017  

Day of Open Doors_50 year anniversary of the academy of crafts_Technical secondary school_Prerov_Czech Republic

On 6 October 2017, FERMAT participated in an open house at the Technical Secondary School in Prerov, which provides upper secondary education in technical crafts and trades for the 21st century.

Stredni skola technicka v Prerove_Technical secondary school in Prerov_Czechia_Czech Republic

Our goal was not only to attract future graduates to join FERMAT’s growing workforce at its manufacturing and production facilities in Brno or Lipnik nad Becvou, but also to motivate students entering the academy to choose the rewarding field of machine tools, machining, and metalwork.

Stredni skola technicka v Prerove_Technical secondary school in Prerov_Czechia_Czech Republic_metalwork_machining_milling

Increasing demand for skilled workers and rising wages make this field very attractive.  It offers gainful employment, good pay and better long-term security than many other careers.  Graduates are not saddled with debt and, in a short time, they can be comfortably middle-class, especially when combined with business acumen and ingenuity.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2016, 51-4041 Machinists

As seen in the charts below, even for the US market, manufacturing is not dead and the need for skilled machinists sets a good livelihood for blue-collar workers.  And, any increase in manufacturing and metalwork will push the pay scale higher.

Bureau of Labor Statistic_Occupational Employment and Wages_May 2016_514041 Machinists(Source:

FERMAT, a company on the rise, always on the lookout for more talent

FERMAT Machine Tool Manufacturer horizontal boring mills_cylidrical grinders_metalwork_machining_milling_education

If you know of anyone interested in pursuing a career in modern manufacturing, who has the skills and know-how to produce the machines that drive our economy and promote modern industry, call us today!

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