Paint by Numbers; According to Eurostat, the Czech Republic’s a Masterpiece, a Land of Plenty in Modern Manufacturing

June 7, 2016  

The statistics are in.  Eurostat, the European Union’s office of slide-rule toting, number-crunching statisticians, shows the Czech Republic has built one of the best manufacturing economies in the EU.  Though not a reputed powerhouse like its northern neighbor, it rivals the Teutonic Titan in technological tenacity and decidedly defeats it in two very important areas: the percentage of its workforce employed in high and medium-high technology manufacturing, and the overall growth of its manufacturing sector in output and activity since 2010.

In this land of plenty…

Medium-high is a great place to be.  As Eurostat collects its data and records the world, breaking down economic subjects based on various criteria (craftily collating and correlating all concerned), the fierce, fire-eating force of machine tool makers is relegated to the succinct and directly apparent category “Division 28 Machinery.” Then, as Eurostat states:

Data for industrial manufacturing are grouped into four levels of technological sophistication: high-technology, medium-high-technology, medium-low-technology and low-technology. The four technology groups are defined on the basis of the R&D intensity of economic activities, i.e. R&D expenditures in relation to value added (for more details see the section on data sources and availability). (Shown below.)

Sporting their wonderfully crisp and manly title, Division 28 Machinery, manufacturers of horizontal boring mills such as FERMAT fit right into the wild and raucous group of ambitious actors dominating the stage of “Medium-high-technology manufacturing,” companies creating an interesting array of useful products, ranging from chemicals to weapons & ammunition, automobiles and dental instruments.

FERMAT fits right in the rough and tough crowd of medium-high technology manufacturing.

FERMAT fits right in the rough and tough world of medium-high technology manufacturing.

So back to bragging rights.  The Czech Republic trounces Germany in the percentage of a country’s workforce employed in high and medium-high technology manufacturing sectors.  Compared to the Czech Republic’s 11.2% for 2014 (the most recent data set available for this category), Germany, with all its boasting—selling itself for generations as Europe’s high-tech industrial giant—could only muster 9.7%.  True, it’s not as measly as Bulgaria’s 3.7% or the Cyprus minnow catch of 0.9% (begging the question, what do Cypriots actually do), but it’s Germany, the industrial darling that takes a beating.  Yes, Deutschland is down in round one against the Czech Republic.  The crowd applauds.

The Czech Republic climbs with 11.2%, Germany stalls out at 9.7%.

The Czech Republic climbs high to 11.2%, Germany stalls out at 9.7%.

In high and medium-high manufacturing, the Czech Republic stands at the top.

In the range of high and medium-high manufacturing, the Czech Republic stands on the highest peak.

Round two and the Germans come out of their corner swinging, but are quickly clobbered and sent reeling to the mat, knocked-out cold.  The crowd roars.  The Czech Republic absolutely demolishes Germany in the most recent industrial production index measuring, on a monthly basis, changes in a country’s volume of manufacturing output and activity compared to the level it attained in the base year of 2010. (A value of 100 = the same volume achieved in 2010, which means no change; a value < 100 = shrinkage; a value > 100 = growth).  In the latest figures for March 2016, the Czech Republic has increased the volume of its manufacturing output and activity handsomely, scoring an impressive 125.43, while Germany is horribly lost in the Black Forest, sobbing uncontrollably over its uninspiring, limp score of 111.00.  And, it’s had 6 years to work on this!

The Czech Republic, a manufacturing cornucopia with 125.43; Germany in a manufacturing malaise of 111.00.

The Czech Republic, a manufacturing cornucopia with 125.43; Germany, a manufacturing malaise of 111.00.

So there you have it.  The Czech Republic is the Land of Plenty for modern manufacturing, right in the heart of Europe… next to its more famous, but flabby and flaccid neighbor, Germany.

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