Popular Czech business magazine Trade News interviews Mr. Jiri Ferenc

November 7, 2016  

The latest edition of the bimonthly commercial magazine published by the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, Trade News, tackles the question of China faltering on the world’s economic stage and the challenges it has brought Czech businessmen across various sectors.  The article with Mr. Jiri Ferenc, owner of FERMAT, highlights the successful strategy of one of the largest manufacturers of horizontal boring mills, a mover and shaker in exports, in avoiding an insidious addiction to fortunes of the land of the dragon. This once highly-touted quick road to riches was a misstep that has ruined other companies.  As Mr. Ferenc points out, the Chinese economy has stagnated, growing at its slowest pace in the last 25 years; so, tying one’s fate to a blind hope that China will quickly rebound is as fanciful a notion as believing in the mythical dragon itself, but much more dangerous.

FERMAT, manufacturer of horizontal boring mills, explains how to survive drop in Russian and Chinese economies

Mr. Jiri Ferenc shares his company’s successful business strategy in Trade News.

The article’s in Czech.  For those of you who read Czech, you will find it very interesting and informative; for those of you who don’t, there is a great photograph of Messrs. Jiri and Jan Ferenc and plenty of direct motivation to learn.  That is, if you want to survive in business.

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