Prague to Milan, a Weekend Getaway

March 3, 2016  

How many blades does it take to propel an ATR 72-500 aircraft (which has a length of 27.2 meters, a wingspan of 27.1 meters, is carrying a load of 22,500 kg, and flying at a maximum speed of 695 km/h) over the Alps, from Prague to Milan?  FERMAT’s Director of Sales, Jan Ferenc, and FERMAT’s Sales Manager for Italy, Alena Jecmikova, had the opportunity to count them while sipping on black tea with lemon (for the price of a glass of champagne), waiting for their flight to take off at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague.

Duomo de Milano, Cathedral of St. Mary of the Nativity, wrapped in lamplight, aglow

Duomo di Milano, Cathedral of St. Mary of the Nativity, wrapped in lamplight, aglow

Leaving cloudy skies behind them, they planed over rugged, snow-capped mountains to visit sunny Italy—to Milan, Duomo di Milano (Cathedral of St. Mary of the Nativity), La Scala Opera, Sforza Castle, fantastic artwork, and world-famous fashion houses.  FERMAT’s travelers enjoyed the capital of the Lombardy region, its presence of grandeur, breathtaking masterpieces of architecture, plazas and side streets.

Via Giuseppe Mengoni, Piazza del Duomo, Milano, Italy

Via Giuseppe Mengoni, Piazza del Duomo, Milano, Italy

But, what drew them there wasn’t just the splendid culture, or a good deal on a new suit, it was the industrial craft of modern manufacturing, the rugged art of CNC machining.

In particular, it was to call upon a customer who truly appreciates FERMAT’s technology and fine design, a connoisseur of models of the heavier, industrial variety that strut with pride when cutting thick steel, gun drilling, countersinking and boring.  As FERMAT found out, this customer has been very pleased with his choice of model—FERMAT’s WFT 11 CNC, a wonderfully sturdy table-type CNC horizontal boring machine with a spindle diameter of 110 mm and spindle travel of 730 mm.  And, he values the exemplary customer service FERMAT provides.  This was music to the ears of Mr. Ferenc, confirming the proper direction of FERMAT’s new growth in the Italian market.  Speaking of which, the next stop was to visit two potential customers in the region who have expressed interest in FERMAT’s larger, brawnier concepts in mechanical craftsmanship.

The two types which captured their eye are the powerful and precise table-type CNC horizontal boring machine, FERMAT’s WFT 13 CNC, and its colossal cousin, the overwhelmingly strong, floor-type CNC horizontal boring machine, FERMAT’s WRF 160 Heavy.  The former is FERMAT’s best-selling workhorse sporting a powerful headstock, a spindle diameter of 130 mm, spindle travel of 730 mm, and the most precise rotary table on the market—with absolutely no stick-slip when turning and positioning the workpiece.  The latter is a monster of strength with superb accuracy and a knockout punch; the reigning heavyweight champion that manhandles mammoth workpieces of steel; a floor-type CNC horizontal boring machine that can be fitted with a range of accessories including FERMAT’s own universal micro indexing automatic milling head or a handy robotic tool changer.  When combined with FERMAT’s in-house CNC rotary table with a load bearing capacity up to 100 metric tons, it mauls the competition.

With the last of the exquisite Italian cuisine eaten, seafood and wine gone, FERMAT’s hardworking representatives returned to Prague, satisfied with their achievements and filled with many fond memories of their tour.  FERMAT’s fruitful weekend getaway beyond the Alps has buoyed its commercial prospects in the Italian market, one that appreciates the technical beauty of such products, their performance, tempo and resonance, like it does a famous performance at Milan’s La Scala.

Oh, and as to the blades, the answer is 12.  Which happens to be the sum of the numbers for the year when FERMAT’s oldest Czech member rumbled into being and took off, 1902.  In that year, Mr. Frantisek Wawerka opened the doors of his new factory producing lathes and drilling machines.  This tradition of machine tool manufacturing continues today on the very same spot, rebuilt and upgraded, as FERMAT’s factory in the town of Lipnik nad Becvou. Of course, it’s now producing state-of-the-art horizontal boring machines, universal micro indexing milling heads, and houses advances in machine tool production that Mr. Wawerka could only have dreamed of.

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