Rest and Relaxation in Riga, a Baltic Vacation topped off with a Terrific Trade Show

November 28, 2016  

Contrary to its dermatologically unsavory name, the House of Blackheads (Latvian: Melngalvju nams, German: Schwarzhäupterhaus) is a bright-faced, stunning beauty; a cultural gem in the glittering crown of Latvia’s capital, Riga.  True, it was bombed flat by Nazi Germany on June 28, 1941, and swept into the dustbin by the Communists in 1948, but years of painstaking work between 1995 and 1999 pieced together this architectural wonder well worth visiting.

Latvia is absolutely adorned with sites demonstrating different cultural influences and aesthetic expressions from medieval to modern.  Among the many rich examples are the stunning works of art nouveau, a highly decorative style inspired by Czech artists and championed in architecture in both Prague and Riga.

Art Nouveau Building Facade_Riga Latvia

Art nouveau building facade, Riga, Latvia.

But this isn’t the only interesting connection between the elegant, attractive Sister Cities.

Riga, the bustling Baltic port at the mouth of the river Daugava, has been an economic conduit since the time of the Vikings who used it as part of their Dvina-Dnieper navigation route to Byzantium.  The Vikings were never at a loss for things to do and engaged in a range of profitable, albeit violent, activities which put their mark upon the lands of Europe far and wide.

Two such adventurous seafarers, Tunna and Gomon, hired themselves out for the extracurricular activity of assassination in Bohemia, strangling St. Wenceslas’s grandmother, Ludmila, with her own veil.

Vikings Tunna and Gomon strangling Ludmila in Tetin castle Bohemia, on September 15, 921 AD

Vikings Tunna and Gomon strangling Ludmila in Tetin castle, Bohemia, on September 15, 921 AD.

This historical tie between the heart of Europe and the Baltics, brought about by a nasty dispute between in-laws (Ludmila’s daughter-in-law had her killed), was the perfect connection Naglis & Err Ltd., a machine tool dealer and service supplier for Baltic countries, needed to persuade FERMAT’s scarf-wearing Area Sales Manager for the Baltics, Mrs. Pavla Noskova, to join them at their booth, B-7, in the upcoming Tech Industry 2016 trade show in Riga, Latvia.

Tech Industry 2016

December 1-3, 2016, FERMAT on display with machine tool dealer Naglis & Err, Booth B-7, Riga, Latvia

As touted on its website, Tech Industry 2016 is the “biggest mechanical engineering and metalworking industry event in the Baltic region… an international exhibition for mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, supplies, tools and innovated technologies.”  So, inviting FERMAT to the show was the perfect choice to showcase the most innovative, powerful and precise tools of modern industry.

Tech Industry 2016 will take place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, Latvia, December 1st through the 3rd, 2016.  Visit booth B-7 and see FERMAT’s ingenious crosswise table-type horizontal boring mill, WFC 10 CNC.  Sporting a strong headstock on a fixed column, a spindle diameter of 100 mm (or optional 110 mm), and its unique crosswise rotary table with a load bearing capacity of 5 metric tons, it’s perfectly suited for all types of milling and machining of small to medium-size workpieces.

FERMAT's crosswise table-type horizontal boring mill, WFC 100 CNC

FERMAT’s crosswise table-type horizontal boring mill, WFC 100 CNC.

Stop by booth B-7 and ask Mrs. Noskova about FERMAT’s horizontal boring mills, table-type and floor-type, from small to medium-size machines to ones that are absolutely humongous equipped with CNC rotary tables able to hold workpieces weighting 100 metric tons.

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