Rodney and Vince Wrapping up their Two-week Training

January 15, 2016  

Tomorrow brings new opportunities, and with it, new challenges.  Can Rodney Zimmerman and Vince Yurak make it to the airport on time?  Have they packed all their catalogues and souvenirs?  Where is Rodney’s wallet?

Rodney and Vince enjoying the Czech lifestyle while on training

These are just a few of the interesting changes awaiting the two dauntless LUCAS travelers, Regional Sales Managers for the U.S. market, who have spent the last two weeks in the Czech Republic, training on FERMAT’s extensive line of machine tools and accessories.  They are eager to apply the extensive knowledge and insight they’ve gained, ready to offer the very best manufacturing technologies and solutions for all LUCAS customers.  When asked if they’re looking forward to utilizing the information they’ve learned, Vince replied, “Absolutely—and we’re going to hit the ground running… especially as Rodney drove us to the airport, and now he can’t find his wallet.”

Hats off to our two LUCAS sales managers.  And, may they enjoy one day to recover from their long overseas adventures, before they clock in at work, bright and early Monday morning.

To find out how Rodney and Vince are doing, or if you have Rodney’s wallet, please call LUCAS toll-free 1-800-336-1262, or telephone: (216) 451-5588, fax: (216) 451-5174, or send an e-mail: