Russ Romancing Romania

June 1, 2016  

There’s nothing sexier than a large purse, and that’s just what the EU has endowed Romania with—a voluptuous allocation of gorgeous EU funds through its Regional Operational Programme (ROP) 2014-2020.

Regional Operational Programme Romania_EU Funding

According to the European Commission’s regional policy website, “the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) aims at promoting smart sustainable and inclusive growth in all regions in Romania making them more attractive places in which to live and work.”  This sounds rather nice, especially if you want to live and work there, or sell CNC machine tools and accessories to those who do.

Picturesque Romanian Square

“…Making them more attractive places in which to live and work,” echoes through this picturesque square in Romania.

Calling all SMEs; Jump on the gravy train—a brand-new, money chugging Brussels express!

Though the pot of gold isn’t exclusively earmarked for SMEs, the European Commission does throw a lot of treasure their way.  It states that among its main funding priorities is “supporting transfer of technology and innovation take up by SMEs in areas for smart specialisation, and enhancing SMEs’ competitiveness focusing on Romania’s high-growth economic sectors.”  The cherry on top is undoubtedly the European Commission’s declaration that it sees among the “expected impacts… an increased share of innovative SMEs collaborating with others (+ 3.7%); support to more than 5,000 SMEs leading to a 46% increase in labour productivity in less developed regions; and an increase in the survival rate of SMEs by 10%.”  It’s hard not to like this plan.

And, the price tag?  How much is the EU forking over so companies can invest in FERMAT machine tools and accessories, at least through the year 2020?  6,600,000,000.00 €! Yes, that’s right, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for Romania under this programme is 6,600,000,000.00 € out of Total OP budget of 8,131,369,214.00 €.

So, Mr. Russel Karimov, FERMAT’s Sales Manager for Romania, ever ready to hit the road in search of financially sound and mutually lucrative machine tool relationships, went a-courting.

Romanian Church, Flowerbed, Romulus and Remus

A marriage made in Heaven; FERMAT’s powerful, cost-effective horizontal boring mills and Romanian manufacturing, tying the knot with EU funds.

He traveled the country high and low, looking for an ideal partner for FERMAT, a local dealer with sharp market insight and a trusted and solid reputation among SMEs.  He was very pleased with what he found.  According to Mr. Karimov, “The serious potential of the Romanian market was confirmed by the fact that just in my first trip, with the support of local dealers, I visited customers from different industrial sectors willing to make quick decisions on procuring new horizontal boring mills.  I have a good feeling I’ll be back soon.”

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