Small Arms, Tractors, Machine Tools and More…

November 22, 2017  
Vstupní komplex do areálu Zbrojovky Brno v brněnských Zábrdovicích_Entrance to the Zbrojovka facility in Zabrdovice_Brno_Zbrojovka Brno_by Kirk_under CCBY_SA 3.0_image cropped

Vstupní komplex do areálu Zbrojovky Brno v brněnských Zábrdovicích, Entrance to the Zbrojovka facility in Zabrdovice, Brno. Zbrojovka Brno, by Kirk_under CCBY_SA 3.0, image cropped

A recent visit by a FERMAT customer from the US, an enthusiast of history, machine tools, firearms, and Czech language, was not only a pleasure for our sales team, but also an educational impulse for us to uncover more about the story of machine tool production, including horizontal boring mills and milling machines, in FERMAT’s manufacturing hub of Brno, Czech Republic.

Zbrojovka Brno_firearms_machine tools_milling machines_horizontal boring mill_Czech Republic

Zbrojovka Brno

Who would’ve thought; for generations a single superb manufacturing facility in the heart of Moravia cranked out Austrian Mannlicher and German Mauser rifles, machine guns, cars, tractors, and machine tools.  Zbrojovka Brno was, in essence, a local forerunner to FERMAT’s style of modern and precise machine tool production, which exploits the advantages of modular design to create various lines of machines that share similar components; and, when building upon their functions, adding new technology, new parts, you can manufacture something entirely different.  With Zbrojovka Brno, the expansion was quite extraordinary, with product diversification ranging from typewriters to machine guns, such as the ZB 26 shown below.

CSR_soldiers_ZB_vz_26 Czechoslovakian soldiers using ZB vz 26 light machine gun_Brno_machine tool manufacturer and 1200px-ZB_vz._26_at_Great_Patriotic_War_museum_in_Smolensk

Czechoslovakian soldiers using ZB 26 light machine gun and 1200px-ZB_vz._26 at Great Patriotic War museum in Smolensk, by By Vitaly V. Kuzmin –, CC BY-SA 4.0, original cropped

At FERMAT, we stick to machine tools… and accessories.  So, it’s extremely interesting for us to see such a strong tradition of machine tool manufacturing had spread to all corners of pre-war Czechoslovakia, including Brno, undertaken in proud form by Zbrojovka Brno nonetheless—a company renowned for its excellent firearms and durable tractors.  Czechoslovakian industry had matured to such an extent that this 1938 Zbrojovka Brno milling machine, series FU 40, was still in use not long ago.  That’s amazing.

Zbrojovka Brno_horizontal milling machine_FU 40_year 1938_Brno Czechoslovakia_machine tool manufacturer

The enthusiasm our US customer shared with us in this local manufacturer, a fellow Brno enterprise, motivates and inspires us.  The tradition of manufacturing horizontal boring mills and milling machines has been alive and well in Brno for over 90 years, something FERMAT plans to carry on well into the future.  If we play our cards right and stick to our game plan of extremely high quality and precision, 80 years from now a FERMAT WFT 13 R CNC will be listed for sale, “used but in good condition,” like the Zbrojovka Brno, FU 40, built in 1938.

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