STT Servis, a New FERMAT “Showroom”

February 12, 2016  

FERMAT recently visited one of its leading customers in Moravia, STT Servis, a family-owned enterprise engaged in custom-tailored, highly precise and specialized CNC machining since 2008.  The company has been very successful thanks to its investment in FERMAT machine tools, so much so that it now runs two shifts, practically non-stop, filling ever-increasing customer orders from satisfied clients.

FERMAT was allowed to see first-hand the economic benefits its powerful and efficient CNC horizontal boring machines have brought to one of its customers: increased output, more business, more referrals, and more profit.

STT Servis Webpage

STT Servis, located near Olomouc, a beautiful, historical city in central Moravia, recently expanded its facilities, adding a new production hall equipped exclusively with FERMAT CNC horizontal boring machines.  These include FERMAT’s ingenious, small but sturdy, crosswise horizontal boring mill, WFC 10 CNC; its bestseller, the mid-size, table-type horizontal boring mill, WFT 13 CNC, and its very popular spin-off, a similar version with 700 mm ram travel, WFT 13 R CNC; and the hefty, floor-type horizontal boring mill WF 13 CNC, designed to machine with ease heavy or bulky workpieces on either floor plates or rotary tables.

The entire complex is an impressive display of FERMAT’s machine tools in operation, full of energy and efficient production.  As Klara Ferenc, FERMAT’s Marketing Manager, exclaimed, “Walking into the new production hall, I felt like I was entering a brand-new FERMAT showroom. There were so many of our latest machine tools, and you could see them in action—cutting, milling, machining the workpieces.”

FERMAT thanks STT Servis for agreeing to the visit and is gratified by the success its products have brought to one of its customers who shares a mutual entrepreneurial spirit.

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