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You Can’t Take It With You… Or, Perhaps You Can. FERMAT’s Portable Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine WRF 130 CNC

February 19, 2016  

Need to machine extremely large or heavy objects which you’d rather not take away from the worksite?  Having difficulties transporting gargantuan workpieces, components in ship building, construction, or the assembly of gigantic machines and equipment?  Don’t worry with the headache of moving it, or crushing innocent bystanders. Leave it there… Read more »

Ahead of the Rest

November 2, 2015  

FERMAT’s Universal Micro Indexing Automatic Milling Head (UHA mi 30) and its Right Angle Automatic Micro Indexing Head (PHA mi 60)—a Cut above the Competition.


October 15, 2015  

130 mm (5.12 inch) Horizontal Table Type Boring Mill, Spindle Travel 730 mm, FERMAT WFT 13 CNC FERMAT’s Horizontal Table Type Boring Mill WFT 13 CNC utilizes the newest technology and design concepts.