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一口吃不成胖子 (Yì kǒu chī bù chénɡ pànɡzi)

November 9, 2017  
FERMAT Machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mill_Chinese Fat Boy on the steps in front of a temple_Beijing China

Our thoughts, exactly. So, you don’t get fat in one meal?  Great news; however, it also means you have to keep at it… that is if you want to get fat—and that’s precisely what we want to do here at FERMAT.  Get fat on China. With that in mind, recently… Read more »

Investing in Education; FERMAT’s long-term cooperation with trade schools… along the US-Soviet Demarcation Line

April 25, 2017  
US and Russian soldiers at the end of WWII during party hosted by FERMAT_1945

In modern industry, the name of the game is computer numerical control.  Finding a qualified workforce able to integrate the various technical and creative aspects of designing and carrying out solutions in manufacturing is no easy task.  To foster the best qualities and skills in potential employees of tomorrow, FERMAT… Read more »

FERMAT’s PRESSL, s.r.o., shares the limelight with LUCAS at the hard-hitting machine tool exhibition in Chicago, IMTS 2016

September 12, 2016  

FERMAT’s branch in Rokycany, Czech Republic, which repairs, retrofits and modernizes older horizontal boring mills, PRESSL, has blown in to the Windy City for IMTS 2016, joining LUCAS at its exhibit in the South Building—Metal Cutting—Booth S-9259.  Completely overhauling and rebuilding an older machine tool can sometimes prove to be… Read more »