Team Building, January 2018

January 25, 2018  

FERMAT Machine Tool Manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_Czech Republic_Czechia_skiing_Jan Kropacek_snow angel

FERMAT’s fast-and-furious sales team took a break from international travel and adventure to spend last weekend skiing, making snow angels, and frolicking in a winter wonderland.  Used to high-caloric, 5-star restaurants and the posh life of machine tool salesmen, they all could use the exercise and wholesome, salubrious mountain air.  Jan Kropacek, Sales Manager at FERMAT, spent several hours wandering aimlessly through the cold forest bordering Germany.  “It was a refreshing experience,” he declared, emerging from the woods, slightly dazed.

FERMAT Machine Tool Manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_Czech Republic_Czechia_skiing_Jan Kropacek coming to get you

Like straight out of a children’s horror story or a fairy tale gone bad.

FERMAT chose Špičák Ski Resort near the town of Železná Ruda straddling the official demarcation line between Bohemian and Bavarian snow.  Over the course of two days of cross-country skiing, Zdena Hoblova, Sales Manager at FERMAT, who wanted to lose a few kilos, partook of both.  “The Czech snow is much more fun; there are many more pubs around with great lunch specials.  With all the food and drinks, it doesn’t hurt as much when you fall,” she said with enthusiasm.  (FERMAT’s team got bigger.)

FERMAT Machine Tool Manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_Czech Republic_Czechia_cross country skiing_Zdena Hoblova

Nestled high in the Bohemian Forest and abutting the Šumava National Park, the area surrounding Železná Ruda is a shoe-in for sporting and tourist events year-round.  Moreover, with a past heavily steeped in iron ore (large-scale mining of the valuable resource began in the 16th century), this cozy nook in the Pilsen region offers an ideal opportunity for machine tool manufacturers to enjoy the splendor of the great outdoors.

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