The Dalian Travels—Messrs. Jan Ferenc and Lubos Janousek make their way to Manchuria, eat well, close deals, spy North Korea

June 26, 2018  

FERMAT horizontal boring mills_machine tool manufacturer_Chinese dragon

In May 2018, Mr. Jan Ferenc, FERMAT’s director of sales, and Mr. Lubos Janousek, PRESSL’s sales director with over 20 years’ experience in the Chinese market, ventured to the heart of Manchuria (Northeast China) with the aim of not only having a good time but also to secure business deals placing FERMAT firmly afoot in the Land of the Red Dragon.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_China_red dragon

After much preparation and inroads having been made through prior contacts, the official contracts were drawn up and signed with the Dalian Pilzen Machine Tool Co. Ltd. to be FERMAT’s authorized dealer/sales representative for all provinces in China, except Shanghai, Anhui, and Jiangsu.  Furthermore, Dalian Pilzen Machine Tool Co. Ltd. gained the right to be FERMAT’s sole service and maintenance representative across China, including the provinces for which it isn’t FERMAT’s exclusive dealer.

Throughout the bargaining, number-crunching and negotiating, there was always time to dig into a hearty meal.  As you can see below, with Dalian being a major seaport located on Korea Bay north of the Yellow Sea, boasting lots of coastline, islands and reefs, aquaculture’s as important as agriculture.  It’s big business, with fish, shellfish, and crustaceans feeding millions.  As well as a smart way to utilize resources, excellent culinary skills turn the sea harvest into scrumptious, mouth-watering delicacies.

FERMAT horizontal boring mills_machine tool manufacturer_Chinese seafood plate crabs

FERMAT horizontal boring mills_machine tool manufacturer_Chinese seafood plate

FERMAT horizontal boring mills_machine tool manufacturer_Chinese seafood shellfish

Having put ink to paper, and stamping it, there wasn’t anything left for our intrepid machine-tool travelers to do but to kick back and enjoy even more local cuisine and take leisurely strolls by the seashore.

Sightseeing along the coast and taking in the view of North Korea, at a safe distance

FERMAT horizontal boring mills_machine tool manufacturer_fishing nets and boats_North Korea in distance_follow arrow

Chinese fishing boats, nets and crews, near Dalian. North Korea seen on the horizon, under a big red arrow.

On one of their outings, Mr. Ferenc snapped this photograph of local fisherman working on their nets and plying their trade.  Far off in the distance, across Korea Bay, the mountainous coastline of North Korea is watching.

A deal in the air

Mr. Ferenc, known to be an avid reader and accomplished deal-maker himself, slipped by a bookstore while in Dalian, China, to bring home this rather apt memento of his trip; a bestseller that’s all the rage in China.

The art of the deal

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