The Easy Life; Another Working Vacation in France

November 30, 2017  
Bouchon_Restaurant_Lyon_001_(Trishhhh)_by Trishhhh_under license CC BY 2.0_original cropped

Bouchon_Restaurant_Lyon_001_(Trishhhh)_by Trishhhh_under license CC BY 2.0_original cropped

Last week, Zdena Hoblova, FERMAT’s sales manager for France, visited many customers across the country, in picturesque corners and jazz-driven towns, but the place which captivated her the most was the sensational city of Lyon.

Ms. Hoblova, who picks her countries for travel, and length of stay, based on two criteria—business potential, customers and deals; and sightseeing/cuisine—is a hardcore fan of France.  She learned La Marseillaise at the age of 8.

Ms. Hoblova certainly was not disappointed in her recent adventure:

Lyon is a gastronomical paradise.  I ate my weight in beef and veal, and partook of many local delicacies.  The ones which I plan on having more of next time are Cervelas de Lyon, sausages of minced pork, truffles and pistachios, and Cervelle de canut, an incredible cheese dip with onions and herbs.  Amazing what they can do with sausage and cheese.

Cervelas de Lyon Pistache_recipe_online_Jean Dijols

Website of a famous, award-winning French butcher, with recipe for Cervelas de Lyon Pistache

Apart from gorging herself on some of the finest food in the world and visiting famous tourist attractions, Ms. Hoblova did manage to get in a solid day’s work.  Many of FERMAT’s French customers are kept busy filling orders for Airbus, a corporate Brothers Grimm donkey spewing gold coins.  Airbus is loaded with lucrative contracts, so supplying them with milled and machined components is a beautiful fairy tale come true.  Happy ever after.

Grimm1917 Donkey spewing forth gold coins

A recent deal headlined around the world speaks for itself: Airbus to sell 430 planes to Indigo for $49.5 billion.  The article by ABC News published on 15 November 2017 relates just how huge of a score this is for the company, describing it as the “firm’s biggest deal ever at the Dubai Air Show,” a premier venue for all major manufacturers in the aircraft and aerospace industry.  So, being a subcontractor for Airbus is like having a license to print money.

Dubai Airshow Airbus_Emirates airline_Airbus secures large contract for nearly 50 billion dollars

Feasting and machine tool business aside, the highlight of Ms. Hoblova’s trip was on a more personal note, celebrating the fact that Philippe Mayollet, managing director of FERMAT’s exclusive dealer for France, CMOI, is a newly-minted grandfather.  Congratulations to Mr. Mayollet on the birth of his darling granddaughter Thea.  Many warm wishes to her, her parents, and grandparents from Ms. Hoblova and the entire FERMAT sales team.

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