The Nesting Habits of Monster Machines

January 26, 2017  

Excavating the new foundation using a backhoe_lots of digging

You can already imagine the newborn’s precious cry as the FERMAT family of monster machines, its WRF series of truly gigantic floor-type horizontal boring mills, tears out a fresh crater and builds a loving nest for a new member of its metal-devouring, industrial kin.

The foundation’s taking shape at a quick clip.  The excavating’s already over, the concrete has been poured, dried, and blocks placed.

New Foundation for WRF series oversize floor type horizontal boring mills_FERMAT

Rebar and concrete has been added, making fabulous hardcore bedding for a fledgling FERMAT WRF 130/150/160 CNC oversize horizontal boring mill.

New Foundation for WRF series oversize floor type horizontal boring mills_FERMAT_Brno_reinforced concrete_rebar

Safe and secure in its nest, FERMAT’s new giant floor-type horizontal boring mill will consume large quantities of energy, iron and steel, growing ever taller and stronger under the watchful eye of FERMAT technicians.  Within months, our towering behemoth will be ready to take flight, travelling far across the Earth to a proud FERMAT customer ready to harness its extremely powerful and precise milling and machining capabilities.  Modern industry demands machine tools of the highest quality, and nowhere are they engineered and manufactured to such excellence as at FERMAT, where brilliant mechanical innovations are brought to life.

Because of its modern design, FERMAT’s series of humongous floor-type horizontal boring mills, with spindle diameter of 130 mm, 150 mm, or 160 mm (WRF 130/150/160 CNC) allows powerful and precise machining of large and heavy workpieces of immense proportions.  The machine column travels horizontally along the X axis while FERMAT’s own CNC rotary table, with a load-bearing capacity up to 100 metric tons, moves latitudinal to it along the V axis and rotates on its B axis.

Build Your Own CNC Machine Tool_ Parameter for Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill

FERMAT’s customers can configure their machines to their own special requirements, mixing and matching from a variety of choices.  Their machine can be assembled with  X travel from 2,400 mm to 28,100 mm, Y axis travel from 2,000 mm to 6,000 mm, and outfitted with a standard or custom-built headstock, along with a range of accessories, from specially-designed CNC rotary tables to robotic tool changers and milling and facing heads.  Utilizing a long spindle extension of 730 mm or 1,000 mm and a powerful ram stroke of 900 mm, 1,000 mm, or 1,200 mm, FERMAT’s gargantuan WRF series floor-type horizontal boring mills can machine deep into the center of the workpiece.  And, when using FERMAT’s CNC rotary table and its own UHAmi 30 stepless universal automatic milling head, flawless, expert milling both inside and outside the workpiece, and from all 5 sides, is quick and easy.

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