The Table’s Set; FERMAT’s top-of-the-line CNC rotary table, the right arrangement for a full-course meal… of machining and manufacturing

April 28, 2016  

When you’re wanting to dig into a delicious, mouth-watering workpiece, attack it from every angle, sometimes a dull, static, run-of-the-mill floor plate simply won’t do.  You need a sturdy CNC rotary table that can handle the heavy workload and rotate on its central axis, enabling you to cut, rip, and chew into the steel from all sides, making an easy task out of what would’ve, otherwise, given you heartburn and a headache.

FERMAT’s WFT 13 CNC, with its standard rotary table’s load-bearing capacity up to 20 metric tons, allows for high-precision machining, even contouring, of heavy workpieces, utilizing four linear axes (X, Y, Z, and W) and a rotary axis (B). With FERMAT’s newer version, WFT 13 R CNC, the ram can extend an additional 700 mm along axis (V), creating machining possibilities along 5 linear axes, in addition to rotary axis (B).

A video describing FERMAT’s standard CNC rotary table and its components can be seen here:

The table’s precision is extremely exact (0.010 mm / 1 meter radius); there is no stick-slip in positioning; and, thanks to its simple design and high-quality parts, it requires the absolute minimum service and maintenance. FERMAT‘s CNC rotary tables consist of three main components—a bed, a slide (which rides hardened boxways), and a rotary, table-top clamping plate.  The clamping plate sits on a gigantic cross-roller bearing allowing a massive load capacity and ensuring minimum resistance.  It’s turned using two pinions, each driven by their own servomotor in a master-slave configuration, eliminating backlash.

FERMAT's Tables will fit your workpiece to a T... A closeup of the T-slots prove it!

FERMAT’s Tables will fit your workpiece to a T… A closeup of the T-slots prove it!

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