THK stands for “Toughness,” “High Quality,” and “Know-how.”

October 30, 2018  

THK Co. of Japan_Mr. Akihiro Teramachi_Mr. Toshiki Matsuda

Two weeks ago, FERMAT enjoyed a special visit from one of its suppliers, THK Co., Ltd.  The Japanese company manufactures an array of machine tool components (one of its earliest successes was the development and commercialization of LM guides, which solved many difficulties arising from linear motion and rolling contact).

Presently, the company supplies FERMAT with the bearings it uses in the construction of its milling heads.

FERMAT servo-drive universal automatic milling head_UHAmi SDHS

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_servo-drive universal automatic milling head_UHAmi SDHS

The delegation was headed by none other than the president and CEO of the company, Mr. Akihiro Teramachi, accompanied by the CEO for Europe, Mr. Toshiki Matsuda.

THK Co., Ltd

The company’s name is an acronym formed by the first letters of its core principles and how it defines its products: toughness, high quality, and know-how.  As stated on their company website, “We aim to contribute to the improvement of society and development of industry by focusing on these three principles in our technology development and product manufacturing processes.” And, judging by its success since its founding in 1971, and importantly, the continued reliance on its products in modern machine tools, it appears THK Co., Ltd., is well on its way to fulfilling its pledge.

FERMAT appreciates the opportunity to have discussed current and future areas of cooperation with Messrs. Teramachi and Matsuda and the rest of their corporate representatives.

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