Video’s out describing FERMAT’s new gantry built specifically to its demands. Nothing else like it on the market.

December 5, 2017  
Patrik Uhlir and Jakub Kominka_during Gantry Shoot in Lipnik nad Becvou_modern manufacturing_photography and video

Professional photographer and film maker, Patrik Uhlir, on set with Jakub Kominka, FERMAT’s head of training department, video production, transportation and catering.

FERMAT’s new multitask gantry was specially designed to meet its own production demands: extremely powerful and precise machining and top-notch performance, requirements for making the vital components of FERMAT’s WRF series floor-type horizontal boring mills.

Workpieces to be machined on FERMAT's new gantry

The gantry, custom-built for FERMAT, is made in mirror form, with two double columns on each side and the headstock placed between two crossrails, for ultimate rigidity and stability.  The robot tool changer and dog house are built directly in the column itself, always near the spindle and headstock, immediately available.

Rotary table for FERMAT Gantry

The gantry has fixed floor plates (plus a detachable rotary table) and movable columns supporting the frame and superstructure for 5-axis milling, turning, drilling, grinding, and laser hardening all in one.

FERMAT’ gantry manhandles large, heavy and bulky workpieces in one setup. There’s no need to reset the workpiece or intervene manually between stages. FERMAT’s gantry is designed for powerful and precise machining with a high rapid traverse. The grinding head is driven by a 60 kW water-chilled motor, while the headstock features a hard-punching 74 kW motor.

A video describing FERMAT’s new multitask gantry is now out on FERMAT & LUCAS Channel:

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