“Where Man Meets Machine”; Mach-Tech and Industry Days Trade Fairs at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center, 9 – 12 May 2017

April 10, 2017  

Mach Tech Industry Days May 9th through 12th 2017

In years past, “Where Man Meets Machine” (“Ahol ember és gép találkozik”) was the phrase that paid at this Hungarian modern metalworking venue held annually at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.  Though they dropped this slogan for 2017’s exhibition taking place May 9th – 12th, we still like it; so, we’re bringing our own machine to meet you.  Please join us in Hall A, stand 301A, and meet face-to-face FERMAT’s ingenious answer to tough machining in close quarters for all small to medium size workpieces, WFC 10 CNC.

FERMAT's WFC 10 CNC crosswise table type horizontal boring mill

This petite, stylish, newly-designed model, the smallest in FERMAT’s line of CNC horizontal boring mills, equipped with a spindle diameter of either 100 mm or 110 mm, can easily handle workpieces weighing up to 5000 Kg on its dynamic, crosswise, rotary table.

Hungarian Expo Industry Days Mach Tech 2017 FERMAT Booth 301A

Seeing that we’ve forgotten how man and machine haven’t always been the best of friends, certainly before the age of FERMAT CNC horizontal boring mills and cylindrical grinders, we’ve decided to show you just how the world was saved from Mechanical Monsters by the handsome, chisel-chinned Clark Kent.  He later joined FERMAT’s team of top-notch engineers and was instrumental in designing gigantic floor-type horizontal boring mills–with an emphasis on safety and control.

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