Year in Review: selected highlights for FERMAT in 2017

December 19, 2017  
Mr Jan Ferenc_director of sales at FERMAT_eating Christmas cookies while working on million dollar contracts

Mr. Jan Ferenc, director of sales at FERMAT, eating Christmas cookies while working on million dollar contracts.

As a prospering machine tool manufacturer, FERMAT has much to be happy and thankful for in 2017.  There have been many highlights throughout the year, from new machines to new people and places in markets around the world.

Christmas cookies baked by Jan Kropacek following an old family recipe

Christmas cookies baked by Jan Kropacek following an old family recipe.

While munching on Christmas cookies and cakes, Mr. Jan Ferenc, director of sales at FERMAT, and Mr. Jan Kropacek, sales manager at FERMAT, took time to chat about this year’s successes and other interesting and memorable happenings that stand out for them, and the rest of FERMAT’s hardworking, gourmand sales team.

Looking at FERMAT’s expanding line of machine tools, Mr. Ferenc noted, “January saw the installation of FERMAT’s new WFC 10 High Speed CNC, with a great rapid traverse that enables it to mill large areas of metal, creating forms and molds used in the automotive, rubber making, and chemical industries. In May,” he continued, “we finished constructing our new horizontal milling center FFC 100, offering clean, compact, fully-enclosed milling of workpieces weighing up to 20 metric tons.  It’s outfitted with FERMAT’s own stepless universal automatic milling head and also has a fine rapid traverse.”  Rounding out FERMAT’s new arrivals in the fall and winter were its newly-installed multitask gantry in Lipnik nad Becvou and its top-notch vertical turning machine (VT).  Mr. Ferenc noted, “VT’s main components are made from composite materials, which gives it the benefit of much higher rigidity, vibration reduction, and a shorter production time.”

Then, from the sales side, there have been many exciting developments all year. From very successful and profitable cooperation with our customers in Europe, India, and North America, Mr. Ferenc related, “We even sold a LUCAS 5 to a new manufacturer in Peru.  The markets in South America are opening up, and we’re right in there, thanks to our long-term strategy in acquiring LUCAS.  This year, we reorganized and revitalized our LUCAS sales team, adding Prague-based Mr. Sam Sikandar to our dealer program, who facilitated the Peruvian sale.”

Mr Jan Kropacek_sales manager at FERMAT and lead Christmas baker for the entire sales team_alert and hardworking

Mr. Jan Kropacek, sales manager at FERMAT and lead Christmas baker for the entire sales team, taking next year’s orders.

Jan Kropacek added his two-cents worth.  “It’s beginning to pay off pretty well. All the inroads we’ve made over the years has brought secondary sales with customers across Europe.  Recently, we sold two more machines to existing customers in Slovenia; and, in Poland, in the region around Elblag, which is an especially-strong manufacturing hub, we sold seven, with two more orders to be ready in early 2018.”  On a different note, Mr. Kropacek also appreciated the non-sales side of his job at FERMAT.  “Thinking back on it, another highlight of 2017 for me was how FERMAT sponsored the Highland Games—Uvaly, 2017.  The festivities were organized by the Jonatan Society, which I’m a part of.  It was a great family-friendly sporting event, with FERMAT’s sponsorship, that we will host again next year on 19 May 2018.”

With 2017 coming to a close, FERMAT reflects with pride on its achievements and looks forward to 2018, to all the challenges that lie in store for a machine tool manufacturer who has proven track record of innovation, cooperation, community support, and business success.

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