You Can’t Take It With You… Or, Perhaps You Can. FERMAT’s Portable Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine WRF 130 CNC

February 19, 2016  

Need to machine extremely large or heavy objects which you’d rather not take away from the worksite?  Having difficulties transporting gargantuan workpieces, components in ship building, construction, or the assembly of gigantic machines and equipment?  Don’t worry with the headache of moving it, or crushing innocent bystanders. Leave it there and bring the machine tool to the workpiece or worksite.

Portable CNC FLoor Type Horizontal Boring Machine, spindle diameter 130 mm with crane

FERMAT’s sturdy floor-type horizontal boring machine, WRF 130 CNC Portable, is made for easy transfer to the desired location, ready to execute powerful and precise machining inside, outside or around parts that won’t budge.  Relocating the CNC horizontal boring mill is a snap for any crane operator, with a specially-designed lifting bar incorporated directly into its robust column, providing easy attachment and movement to the worksite or around the plant.  Moreover, the power cables and coolant hoses are equipped with couplings for quick reconnection; and, the innovative, well-planned elements of the machine’s anchoring and balancing system ensure superb geometric alignment.

With a spindle diameter of 130 mm, extension of 730 mm, and ram travel of 900 mm, FERMAT’s WRF 130 CNC Portable offers strong, extremely precise machining that can reach well into the center of any workpiece.  It brings a full range of hard-hitting, powerful machining techniques to jobs that were previously too large, too heavy, or too complicated to be done.  Enhanced by FERMAT’s own machine tool accessories (such as its specially-designed, topnotch, universal micro indexing automatic milling head), FERMAT’s WRF 130 CNC Portable is the most versatile and easily transportable large, floor-type CNC horizontal boring machine on the market.

A video demonstrating tapping, circular interpolation, and other machining operations using FERMAT’s WRF 130 CNC Portable is found here:

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